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Why Giotex™ is Good For Business

Using Giotex™ can save manufacturers up to 30% in processing costs over traditional yarns. It offers critical shade consistency and a full spectrum of colors. Giotex™ can be used in all textile applications in which regular dyed yarns are used.

Giotex™ products will stand out with consumers, who will respond to the brand's "conscience," quality, value and performance. Your customers will feel good about buying your product because by doing so, they will be doing something good for the environment and perhaps enjoying the cost advantage you can extend to them.

Giotex™ Gives Your Fabric Competitive Strength

At no extra cost, you or your customers can license the Giotex™ brand and use our special hangtags on your products. This means that your company will be recognized as socially and environmentally conscious and consumers will have a reason to choose your Giotex-based product. We're supporting the Giotex™ brand by:

  • Developing special programs to entice consumers to try products made with Giotex™
  • Positioning Giotex™ as economical and ecologically smart choice when buying clothing, furnishings, etc.
  • Encouraging consumers to look for and buy Giotex™ products
  • Creating marketing materials that reinforce all brand attributes


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