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How we make Giotex™

Every day, apparel factories around the world cut fabrics into garment parts for assembly, creating small scraps of fabric waste. What were people doing with literally tons of 100% cotton fabric remnants? Dumping them in a landfill?

Now that's a waste.

So, we devised a unique technical process to convert pre-colored fabric waste back into usable 100% cotton fiber that can then be re-spun into yarns. Giotex™ yarn can be used to make clothing, socks, rugs, upholstery and much more.

How we make Giotex

How we make Giotex


We gather 100% virgin cotton fabric scraps from apparel factories, which are brought to our factory for grading and sorting.

Bales of waste scraps are emptied into the shredding machines where they pass through seven stages of precision cutting to turn the fabric back into fiber. The final result is pre-colored cotton fiber extracted from the scrap.

This fiber can now be blended to achieve any desired color. The shade can be changed or color corrected according to our customers' needs. Other fibers can also be added, such as recycled polyester, to add strength or performance to the material.

The final fiber is sent into spinning to be made into yarn to be spun into various sizes. Then it's ready for use to make high-quality textile products.

How we make Giotex
How we make Giotex

How we make Giotex


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