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Earth-Friendly Yarn Captures Attention of Manufacturers, Retailers, Consumers

NEW YORK, NY - Giotex/USA, a manufacturer of premium yarns, announces that increased demand for the company's certified recycled yarn - Giotex™ - has spurred production to 500,000 pounds per week. The company expects to ship more than 8,000 tons of Giotex™ yarn this year. Giotex™ yarn is spun from the recovered scraps of newly made clothing in a cost-efficient process that saves energy, land, water and other resources. Products made with Giotex™ such as socks, sweaters, and furnishings offer consumers a high-quality eco-friendly alternative to traditionally made goods.

"We are thrilled that our concept of certified recycled yarn is strongly resonating with manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike," said Steven Usdan, President of Giotex/USA. "We believe that when people are given the opportunity to do something good for the environment, they will. Today's consumers are responding to and buying products that have all the advantages of being 'green' without costing them any extra green," Usdan adds.

Since its introduction in 1997, major manufacturers and retailers have been attracted to Giotex's environmental benefits as well as its quality of hand and bright colors.

Giotex/USA is also laying the groundwork for new consumer marketing initiatives to continue its brand building efforts. "It is important for manufacturers and retailers to understand that we are committed to developing Giotex as a superior choice versus traditional dyed yarn" said Usdan.

Giotex/USA is a manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost blend yarns. In addition to Giotex, the company produces and distributes other silk, linen, cotton, rayon and wool blend yarns to knitters and weavers throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Mexico and Canada.

Giotex™ is a trademark of Giotex/USA, New York, New York.

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