Giotex USA

Why we make Giotex™

Our combined weekly output is more than 500,000 pounds of textile yarns.* This means:

  • To meet our clients' needs, more than 20 million pounds of new cotton doesn't need to be replanted annually.
  • The corresponding additional pollutants - pesticides, fertilizers, and associated fuel - from the entire supply chain are eliminated.
  • Soil run off and land erosion are reduced.
  • Since all Giotex yarns are pre-colored, we save at least five million gallons of water per week that would've otherwise been required for dyeing.**
  • And because we're reusing and recycling what would've been 500,000 pounds of "waste," we're reducing landfill.
  • Our process is highly efficient: We even re-recycle our own fiber waste.

*500,000 pounds a week is based on 2011 production figures.

**It takes a minimum of ten gallons of clean water to dye one pound of cotton.

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